Coaching Packages

The Refinement

Choose this package when you want to focus on one particular goal with laser precision.  In these sessions you will explore what got you here and where you would like to go now.  You will leave with a roadmap of what your next steps are for your work and life goals.

Sessions will take place every two to four weeks so that you can make progress and do your homework between sessions, assess where you are and come with goals for the next session.

This package is meant to help you find the confidence to make decisions that align with your unique goals and values.  
You are in control of how many sessions you need but it is advised that you book a minimum of three

The Equipoise

Choose this package when you need to recreate balance in your life.  In these sessions you will identify your strengths, limitations and vision for your career and personal life.  You will leave with a clear path for putting your vision into place.

Sessions are designed to help you identify what is blocking you.  You will gain clarity by working through various scenarios and be challenged to create new outlooks on your path to success.  You may choose to use the EQi 2.0 to gain insight into your behaviours.

This package will help you identify aspects of your life and career that are making you feel unsteady and Beth will help you confidently move forwards.

You are in control of how many sessions but you will need a minimum of six to achieve balance.

The Innovation

Choose this package when you want to reinvest yourself as a leader.  In these sessions you will define your assets and liabilities and turn weaknesses into positive strengths.  You will leave will the skills to lead yourself and others through adversity to celebration.

Sessions will help you explore new opportunities such as a new leadership position or a transition into a new career or retirement.  You will go on a journey to consider your career and discover your strengths.  You may choose to use the EQi 2.0 and LEADS 360 to better understand your interactions with people around you.

This package is an opportunity to reinvent yourself and find the confidence to claim your new role.

You are in control of how many sessions but there will be a minimum of eight sessions.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive or leadership coaching is a proven process of inquiry that uses conversation, self-reflection, and focused thinking to create action plans that will help improve performance.  It is an individual experience involving a candid dialogue with an unbiased thinking partner.  It involves a conversation between the coach, who is a trained, impartial person, skilled at creating a safe, non-judgemental space, and the client or “coachee” who brings questions, dilemmas or goals and a willingness to work through them via at times challenging conversations.  Coaching focuses on the attitudes and activities that have the greatest potential for success at work and in life and can be very helpful amidst complex challenges and changing environments.

Executive coaching is used at over 50% of today’s Fortune 500 companies.  Coaching helps companies create “people centred” work environments which has been shown to improve employee retention and help the company respond to change.  It is an individualized but systemic process to facilitate change designed to access the inner resourcefulness of the coachee.  It is focused upon goal achievement rather than problem analysis because it encourages the coachee to assume charge of his/her life by becoming more aware. 

Coaching is a leadership development and self care strategy.

AccessVita can help physicians and healthcare professionals navigate career changes, leadership roles, and life events. Coaching sessions may include a combination of emotional intelligence assessments, LEADS 360 assessments, stress and burnout management techniques, and the development of action plans.

Why Hire a Coach?

Many physicians and healthcare professionals struggle with work-life balance, making major career decisions, figuring out how to be effective leaders often with minimal leadership training, and communication with their office staff and/or other health administrators.  Coaching provides an individualized approach to help these physicians think about and discuss the issues they are facing in a confidential space, create strategies to manage these issues, and have an accountability partner who can ensure that they take action to solve these issues.

Are you not sure where to start? Or did you have a project or goal in mind that doesn't fit into one of these packages? Don't worry, we can customize a package to fit your needs!