How to navigate life and work with the confidence of a surgeon

Beth Pedersen, MD, FRCS(C), CEC, PCC
Orthopaedic Surgeon
LEADS Certified Coach
EQi 2.0 Certified Coach
Face it, life today is a moving target especially if you are a medical leader. How do you do it all? The short answer is you can’t but, you can come close. Coaching can identify the clutter in your life and help you make room for what counts. Learn how surgeons access confidence to focus on the task at hand.

Are you pursuing a leadership role?
Do you feel overwhelmed?
Do you wish you had more confidence?
Is work taking over your life?
Are you feeling burnt out?
Do you have trouble focusing?
Are you pursuing a leadership role?
Looking for your next steps in life?

Coaching with Beth can identify ways you can grow to help make your daily decisions confidently and effectively. As a surgeon she knows the importance of using time wisely and how to make decisions under pressure. As a mother she knows the importance of balance in life.
Dr. Pedersen is LEADS certified.