Why is Beth the the Right Coach for You?

Nobody can do it all. But what one can do is learn to focus on the tasks at hand. Beth is a Systems Thinker.

Everyone has a story. It defines who they are and how they approach life's twists and turns. Beth has learned over the years how to balance and overcome life's adversities. As a mother and surgeon, Beth found herself in a place where her husband was ill and hospitalized. These sort of things are never in one's master plan. In fact it was through this adversity that Beth became overwhelmed and yes even suffered burnout.

Through her own recognition that she needed to shift her thinking, Beth started on her own path of embracing her passions. Life will always happen but it is how we decide to frame it that makes the difference. That is the secret. She still loved her work and just needed to reframe how she approached the day to day tasks. You might not be able to have it all but through the coaching process you can make what you have a lot more manageable by putting your focus on the tasks at hand.

Not everything in life is fun and sometimes you need to identify the things that make it less so. Beth realized she loves being a surgeon, but she had to learn to shift her outlook as a result of life’s unexpected curveballs. Beth took the time to be coached and discover what is important to her. She realized she could focus on her career as a surgeon, her coaching practice and her family life.

¨That is what makes Beth a better coach and she has the certifications to help guide you and give you the tools to navigate Life and Work with the Precision of a Surgeon.

Beth's Credentials

Beth started her Certified Executive Coach training at Royal Roads University in 2015. She is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor and Orthopaedic surgeon at the University of Alberta where she is involved with research around post-surgical pain management. She has served as a member of numerous provincial and national orthopaedic organizations for more than 10 years. She quickly embraced and acquired expertise in leadership development. She is an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach (ACC), LEADS certified coach, and is trained in emotional intelligence through the EQi 2.0.

Let Beth help you turn your story into career and personal success!