While having an awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses is critical, sometimes you may have a different perception than those around you.  When you have an area that you perceive differently from the majority of your friends and colleagues, we call this a blind spot.  A very helpful way to become aware of blind spots is through the use of a 360 degree evaluation.

In general, a 360 degree feedback is a process whereby an individual recipient both rates and is rated on his or her performance by other people.  Raters can include direct reports, colleagues, managers and supervisors.  The resulting information is then presented with the aim of helping the person being evaluated to gain a better understanding of his or her skills and development areas.  Each Rater completing the assessment will provide a different perspective on the individual’s skills, attributes and other job relevant characteristics and thus help to build up a richer, more complete and accurate picture than could be obtained from any one source.

The LEADS 360 Assessment is a feedback process primarily for development purposes. LEADS has been promoted by the Canadian College of Health Leaders as the framework of choice for health care organizations and health systems across Canada.  It has also been adopted by the Canadian Medical Association and the Alberta College of Family Physicians (LEAD FM Leadership Development Program).

A specialized LEADS 360 Assessment is available for Physician Executive Leaders.

The LEADS 360 focuses on leadership and takes the capabilities identified in the LEADS in Caring Environment capabilities framework which include: Lead Self, Engage Others, Achieve Results, Develop Coalitions and System Transformation. The LEADS questionnaire focuses on sentinel behaviors that would be exhibited by front-line, mid-level, senior, or executive level leaders and asks the rates how commonly the individual displays these behaviours. There are approximately fifty-five questions, each on a seven point rating scale, plus a number of optional open-ended text responses.  The LEADS 360 Assessment requires a debriefing with a LEADS Certified Executive Coach.